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When I reflect on my Foundations of Education module, I look back on all that I have learned, even in this short time. From the education in Ireland in the 1900’s to Vygotsky and his scaffolding theory to Carol Dweck’s idea of the Growth Mindset.

It has certainly been a challenging few months, but with a great challenge I have gained great knowledge. Here are some of the areas of story I have found particularly useful going forward as a teacher:

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Equity & Equality: What’s the difference?

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I had always heard of equality. Equality in treatment of people, equality of education and equality of life, but equity? This was a new term to me. I always heard the term “fair is fair” or “ye have to be equal”. This made sense to me, treat everyone the same and nobody can complain or accuse you of not being fair, but I have learned that by treating everyone the exact same, can actually achieve the exact thing you were trying to avoid, inequality.

I have learned that while equality is a good first step, it is equity that we should be striving for in life and education. That no matter the individual’s circumstances that we are trying to give them the exact same chance.

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This image is a great example of equity, giving each person what they require to be able to see the match. If we gave them all 1 box each only 1 person would be able to watch, but by catering for their individual needs, by providing equity the end result is a success for everyone. This can be seen in Education also, by providing students with extra resources, supports and assist teachers we can create equity for all.

Different Philosophers

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I had little to no knowledge about philosophers or educational philosophers before I started Hibernia. Indeed a lot of what we did, I found difficult to understand. However what I was able to do was break it down simply so that I could take away 1 or 2 points about each philosopher and how I relate it to my own philosophy.

My belief is it must be student centered, the teacher is there to assist and support in the learning of students, and to provide support where a challenge exists.

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