Development of Education in Ireland

From my studies, I found the history of Irish Education very interesting. To see how different the educational system was in the early 1900’s compared to modern day education. The history of education has expanded from Irish only taught subjects, to having to complete the Primary Education Certificate.

The focus on the 3 R’s as it was known of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic was very evident of the style of learning of repeat, repeat, repeat. In comparision to Modern Day Education where we now know the different types of learners in each classroom and that everyone does not learn the same.

Ireland in the 1950s revision
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The above image shows the breakdown of children attending school. It is clear to see the enormous drop of children attending secondary school and receiving a strong education. Going back to the 1960’s when my parents would have attended school, it was clear to see it was a different time, many people did not even finish primary school education let alone complete the Intercert. Students were leaving school at 14, 15 and entering the workforce to support their families. For many of those students that was the last of education they would see. It is vital to put into context that Ireland was a very different place, socially and economically, however it does give you a good appreciation of how education has developed rapidly and how in truth we are very lucky to receive the education that we do at present.

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